Systems Medicine

of Infectious Diseases

Research Group

Knowledge-based Mathematical Systems


Publication List



  • A. E. S. Almocera, L. S. Almocera, and P. W. Sy, Asymptotically Autonomous Subsystems Applied to the Analysis of a Two-Predator One-Prey Population Model. Proceedings of the 6th SEAMS-GMU International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2012, pp. 323-330.
  • A. E. S. Almocera, L. S. Almocera, and P. W. Sy, Limiting behavior dynamics of a two-predator one-prey population system with a Beddington-DeAngelis functional response. Dynamical Systems Analytical/Numerical Methods, Stability, Bifurcation and Chaos, Lodz, Poland, 2011, pp. 45-54.


  • A. E. S. Almocera, S. B. Hsu, and P. W. Sy, The stable and unstable manifolds in a two-predator one-prey chemostat model with parasitic fungi. Matimyás Matematika. 38(1-2):17-34, 2015. [Link]

Alexis Erich S. Almocera

Postdoctoral Fellow



Short Bio

Alexis (nickname “Alex”) is from Cebu, Philippines. After obtaining his BS in Mathematics degree at the University of the Philippines Cebu in 2009, he pursued graduate studies at the Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines Diliman. Under a government scholarship, he completed his MS and PhD Mathematics degrees in 2011 and 2016, respectively.


Alexis is interested in mathematical models in biology. He joined the Systems Medicine of Infectious Diseases research group to work on multiscale models of acute versus chronic infectious diseases.


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