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of Infectious Diseases

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Karin Andrea Sasaki

Postdoctoral Fellow

Short Bio

After obtaining her PhD in applications of low dimensional geometric topology to questions of DNA shape at Imperial College London in 2013, she joined the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, where she headed the Centre for Biological Modelling.

Karin has joined the group of Systems Medicine of Infectious Diseases to work on Topological Data Analysis and its applications to infectious diseases and vaccination.

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Publication List

  • K Valencia, D Buck, Predicting knot and catenane type of products of site-specific recombination on twist knot substrates, Journal of molecular biology  411 (2), 350-367, 2011 PDF

  • D Buck, K Valencia, Characterization of knots and links arising from site-specific recombination on twist knots, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 44 (4), 045002, 2010 PDF

  • D Buck, E Dolzhenko, N Jonoska, M Saito, K Valencia, Genus ranges of 4-regular rigid vertex graphs, Electronic journal of combinatorics 22 (3), 2015 PDF