Machine Learning for Multiscale Analysis of Biomedical Data

Selected Articles

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    • Passivity-based Inverse Optimal Impulsive Control for Influenza Treatment in the Host. 

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    • PDEparams: Parameter fitting toolbox for partial differential equations in Python.

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    • A new view of multiscale stochastic impulsive systems for modeling and control of epidemics.                              Annual Reviews in Control. 2019 [Link] 

    • Multiscale Model Within-host and Between-host for Viral Infectious Diseases. 

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    • Hierarchical effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines on the post-influenza susceptibility to pneumococcal coinfection

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              Preprint in BioRxiv

              Covered by Laborjournal online 

              Covered by Helmholtz Centre of Infection Research

    • Progressive contraction of the latent HIV reservoir around a core of less-differentiated ​CD4+ memory T cells.      Nature Communications. 2014 [PDF]

    • Effects of aging on influenza virus infection dynamics.                                                                                                      Journal of Virology. 2014 [PDF] 

              Covered by Helmholtz   Cenre of Infection Research

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