Machine Learning for Multiscale Analysis of Biomedical Data

Machine Learning Development and Applications

Overview: Machine learning is a growing field based on computational and statistical algorithms that are trained with experimental data to give computers the ability to learn specific tasks for prediction-making. On the other hand, data assimilation algorithms can help to forecast variables of complex systems as well as interpolate sparse observation data using knowledge a mathematical model based on observed data.

State  of the art: At present, the use of neural networks for modeling and learning has rapidly increased in recent years. In addition, new training algorithms have been raising with different properties to tackle complex problems.

Our research in Machine Learning and Data Assimilation  aims to:

  • machine learning algorithms will be used for the discovery of novel biomarker signatures and gene-regulatory networks

  • predicting disease progression with computational approaches

  • develop new algorithms for data assimilation, identification,   and optimization

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